Boku no Sekai Kimi no Real
Boku no Sekai Kimi no Real

Boku no Sekai Kimi no Real

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Comedy, Romance, School Life, Shoujo
1) Boku no Sekai Kimi no Real Mayu falls in love with Naoki Hagiwara at first sight. For some reason, Naoki seems to look sexy in her eyes. But of course, she can’t tell him that along with her feelings for him. The two get into a fight, but afterwards Naoki seems to be oddly closer to her. 2) My Katekyo-sama If Emi Hachiya doesn’t understand something the first time, then she never will. After receiving test scores with an average of 25 marks she comes home to find Ryou Kurosawa, a handsome tutor waiting for her. But is Emi prepared for his Spartan like training? 3) Kimi no Omou Tsubo Uehara Mii is in love with her older brother’s friend and kouhai, Waou Kaname. The only problem is that Kaname-kun only sees Mii as a child. Mii tries desperately to make him see her differently but will some older girl competition get in her way? 4) Ore no Usagi-chan Megu is confessed to by her friend Taichi but refuses. When Megu was 13 she saw her brother’s adult video and was traumatized, not being able to ever date someone. Taichi says he’s ok and that he’ll just flirt for now, but Megu‘s reaction to this is more disastrous than she expected.
Ayuko Hatta
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Nov 25, 2008
Bessatsu Margaret
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