Wild Boyfriend

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      Collection of Short Stories / Oneshots

      1) Ardent Cologne
      Haru always gets dumped and this last time, he get's so sad and drunk that he ends up buying a cologne from a street vendor which is suposed to 'make him popular'. He gives it a shot, only to realize that girls dislike the smell, but it drives men crazy. An incident with the school nurse culminates in Haru and Kou (his best friend) having sex. Does Kou really like him or is it the perfume?

      2) Dangerous Honey

      3) Pure-Love Full Throttle

      4) Little Devil Kiss

      5) Lovely Lover

      6) The Moment of Excitement
      My super strong classmate, Ran, is my cute lover. We are so in love! Or that’s how it’s supposed to be. I think he’s cheating on me! Bousou Kareshi features many other stories. Included is Keitachi’s meeting with the normally weak glasses boy. He loses his rationality and goes erotically wild!

      7) Love Fighter
      Coincidentally, Seisuke met his beloved Hiyama Sempai in the street. The Two of them used to be in the Judo club in college, but since they graduated, they never met until that day, and all this time, Jim was harboring feelings toward his Sempai. (Ran, from the previous chapter, is Hiyama's son).*

      8) Wild Boyfriend
      Continuation of Chapter 6

      9) Extra: Himura-Sensei's Depression






      PublishedFeb 28, 2009
      SerializationBoy's Love (Junet)
      Last UpdatedJuly 14, 2017
      Other namesBousou♥Kareshi, 暴走♥カレシ, Bousou Kareshi
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