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Cherry na Bokura

4 chapters | Ongoing | Rank 9818
A 17-year-old girl, who has no experience with guys, one day sees a classmate drop something and without realizing what it is, she returns it to the guy. But soon she finds out that what she picked up was actually a condom! After school, shcoincidentally meets the guy in the hallway and she's excited to be so close to a guy for the first time! But when she sees him flirting with other girls, she realizes that he's just a player...? What will happen between them?!



Other Facts

PublishedMar 13, 2009 to Nov 13, 2009
Last UpdatedJuly 18, 2017
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesCool Shoot, チェリーなぼくら, Shijou Saikyou Sweetheart


Chapter 4August 30, 2016
Chapter 3August 30, 2016
Chapter 2August 30, 2016
Chapter 1August 30, 2016