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Chouchou Kurabe

5 chapters | Completed | Rank 11522
Story 1: Poor Chikako, who’s always changing schools, has fallen in love with her classmate Abe. In three days, Chikako will have to face changing schools again, but what about her love for Abe…

Story 2 - Weather Forecast, Sunny: Hikaru loves rainy days because that’s when she gets walk to school with Takehiko, but the end of the rainy season heralds changes more disturbing to Hikaru than just the weather.

Story 3 - The Wind Plan: Kurinama Sho comes up with the perfect plan to get close to his ideal girl, Student Council President Sakatsumu Nakano. The plan works, but his idol is not quite the girl he thinks she is…

Story 4 - The Kingdom of Fairytales: He’s a prince–well, more like a playboy. She’s his destined lover–along with the 58 other girls he’s used that line on. Can this unlikely pair make their fairytale end happily ever after?

Story 5 - Candy Romance: A bittersweet story of the joy and pain of first love.


Other Facts

Published2001 to 2002
SerializationRibon Magazine
Last UpdatedJuly 12, 2017
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesChou Chou Kurabe, 蝶々くらべ