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Crash Bandicoot: Dance! De Jump! Na Daibouken

14 chapters | Completed | Rank 14082
Cortex is trapped in space and needs Power Crystals to accomplish his plan for world domination. With high hopes, he sends down a transmitting device to find someone who can help him. This is where Crash, a single Bandicoot who just got dumped, finds the device and gets tricked into finding power crystals for him. There are 25 power crystals around the world and together with Aku Aku, he starts his journey to find them all.

Other Facts

PublishedDec 1997 to Feb 1999
SerializationCoroCoro Comic
Last UpdatedMay 26, 2017
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesCrash Bandicoot Manga, Crash Bandicoot Dance, Crash Bandicoot Dansu! de Jump! na Daibouken, クラッシュバンデダンス!でジャンプ!な大冒険