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Endo Hiroki Tanpenshuu

8 chapters | Completed | Rank 11041
This collection is an amalgamation of work reflecting Hiroki Endo's philosophy and his outstanding ability to draw and to tell stories.

Volume 1
1. Karasu to Shoujo to Yakuza (The Crows, the Girl and the Yakuza)
2. Kitto Kawaii Onnanoko dakara (Because You're Definitely a Cute Girl)
3. Kamisama nante Shinjiteinai Bokura no Tame ni (For Those of Us Who Don't Believe in God)

Volume 2
1. Hang
2. Joshikousei 2000 (High School Girl 2000)
3-4. Platform
5. Boys Don't Cry

Other Facts

PublishedDec 25, 1995 to Feb 10, 2001
Last UpdatedMay 26, 2017
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesTanpenshu, Hiroki Endo's Short Stories, Hiroki Endo's Tanpenshu, 遠藤浩輝短編集