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Ever After

6 chapters | Completed | Rank 9963
A collection of oneshots based on fairytale/folklore. However, in this case the main characters are all men. Drawn in the accostumed gorgeous style of Est Em, Ever After brings us an interesting and sensual twist of all these classics.

1) Cinderella

2) Little Red Riding Hood

3) The Little Mermaid

4) Beauty and the Beast

5) The Bamboo Princess

6) Carmen
"What if Jose and the bullfighter in Bizet's classic opera 'Carmen' were lovers?" This is that idea, brought to life.
A retelling of the famous work detailing one man's twisted love:
"I must kill that woman who leads my heart astray"
A beautiful factory girl tosses a rose at a soldier. Little does he know that the same flower would bring ruin upon him...



Other Facts

PublishedAug 28, 2008 to Jun 2010
SerializationBe x Boy GOLD
Last UpdatedJuly 18, 2017
Other namesCinderella, Akazukin, Ningyo-hime, Bijo to Yajuu, Kaguya-hime, Carmen, エバーアフター