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Free! - And the Scales Fade to Foam (Doujinshi)

1 chapters | Ongoing | Rank 5394
On patrol one evening, Officer Matsuoka Rin comes across a man collapsed on the beach by the harbor. The man has no identification on him and cannot speak, so Rin takes him in, as he has nowhere else to go. But “Nanashi-san”, as the man comes to be called by Rin’s friends and family, is strange – how did he come to be washed up on the shore, why can’t he speak, and why does he at times behave less like a human…and more like an animal?


Other Facts

Last UpdatedJuly 20, 2017
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesFree! dj - そしてうろこは泡と散る, Free! dj - And the Scales Fade to Foam, Free! dj - Soshite Uroko wa Awa to Chiru


Vol.1 Chapter 0 August 30, 2016