Furachi na Otokotachi
Furachi na Otokotachi

Furachi na Otokotachi

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Josei, Romance, Drama, Smut
Furachi na Otokotachi Mari is secretly in love with her junior at work, Eiji. Days of being cured by the cute, sweet, and kind younger man. The first night she went to his house, she bumped into her ex-boyfriend Yuuichi. It turn's out that he’s Eiji’s brother…! Mari had chosen to split up from the arrogant and forceful Yuuichi, but now… Love Communication Sumire is a hard working buisness woman. After giving in and going to a Omiai, she finds out it is with Takahiko, her boss from a client company. They pretend to date so Sumire's parents won't bother her about it anymore, but will their relationship grow into something more? Marriage Pink Ryouji and Rika are a loving couple and Rika spends her first night at Ryouji's house after being engaged to him. After a sleepless night, Rika becomes nervous about spending more time alone with Ryouji at his house... Can't Throw Away My Treasures Miyuki is a famous chef, but a huge slob. The TV show decides to do a special from her house, and Miyuki needs to clean it! She runs into Hasegawa at a cleaning store who cleans her house once to show their products are good... Calling for Love Kitou is recently divorced, unemployed, and homeless. With no where to go to, she runs into a her former highschool classmate, Kouchi, who invites her to move into his house...
Megumi Toda
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Petit Comic
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