Gangster Hero

    Completed | 52 chapters
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      The rudest and stupidest guy, “No. 2”, happens to stay with an orphan named Jun Je Young who has the key to find a diamond. The Sencream Gang started to look for the diamond. Meanwhile, Jun Je Young starts to have feeling for the stupid guy “No. 2”. Watching her start to LOVE “No.2”, Lee Woo Yeun another guy starts to gain feelings for Jeh Young. At the same time “No.2” starts questioning if his feelings for Jeh Young is LOVE or just another feeling. Where in the world is the diamond?






      Published2007 to ?
      Last UpdatedSeptember 23, 2018
      Other names건달 히어로, Eroul Gangster (Romanian), Chàng Trai Hào Hiệp (Vietnamese)
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