Playground love

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      Collection of 6 separate stories.

      1) Game Center Fishing - Saki likes older partners, but has never been successful, even after having four relationships. When she was trying her luck at the plushie catcher in the arcade, she met a cute high schooler. Will her relationship work out this time?

      2) Come Over Here - Umi loves to dress up as a highschooler, even though she is 19 years old, ever since a painful separation from her long-time boyfriend, who said that she looks plain without a school uniform. With the return of her childhood friend, she's touched by his effort to show that she is cute just the way she is now. Can she get over her own self doubt?

      3) Connection is Good - Komachi's friend recently met a boyfriend, whom the friend had met online, and was seriously disappointed when she met him. Komachi talks online with a woman who is a Makeup Consultant, which Komachi wants to become. But what happens when they meet and Yuki isn't a girl, but a boy?!

      4) Sweet - Tooru and Mika spend allot of time together, but when Tooru decides to get a job so he can buy a car, Mika becomes lonely.

      5) One Step - Sakura sees her boyfriend's you-know-what.. And compares it to a turtle, a reptile which she doesn't like very much. Follow their relationship as Sakura becomes comfortable with sex.

      6) Rainy Face - Kayama and Hidaka work together, talking about each other's lives together. When Hidaka meets with Kayama to buy an Omamori at the temple, Kayama is delighted to find that Hidaka is actually very warm himself, and isn't as cold as she thought he was.






      Last UpdatedJuly 22, 2017
      Other namesゲーセンフィッシング, 游乐场之恋, Ge-sen Fishing, Game Center Fishing