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Granblue Fantasy

10 chapters | Ongoing | Rank 2012
The manga adaptation of the mobile game "Granblue Fantasy". In a fantastical world where all sorts of islands float among the clouds, Gran is a young boy that lives in the Island of the Sealed, Zinkenstill, along with his winged-lizard companion, Vyrn. Day in and out, Gran diligently trains and looks to the skies.

One day, a battleship crawls through the sky and attacks; the assault comes from the Erste Empire that wishes to rule the world with military force. In the middle of the attack, Gran and Vyrn encounter a girl named Lyria, who has just escaped the Empire. Their meeting unleashes a grand adventure through the skies, where their only compass is a letter from Gran’s father that says he awaits Gran at the Isle of Astrals, Estalucia!


Other Facts

PublishedMay 8, 2016 to ?
Last UpdatedJuly 22, 2017
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesグランブルーファンタジー