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Hanazakari de Koi Shiteru

5 chapters | Completed | Rank 7987
- Hanazakari de Koi Shiteru
"Lately, I feel as if I've gotten on the bad side of that person..." Kaede was raised by her brothers, and has mostly male friends. Kougami Yukihito is the president of the flower arrangement club, a guy prettier than most women. What happens when.....

- Ai Rabyu (I love You)
Midori is just your average high-school student who happens to be smart. Suddenly, she's hired by the Wakaouji household as a tutor for a middle school boy....

- Sweet de Ikasete
Houjyou Kyouya is a beautiful boy with a weak body.
Kikukawa Chiaki is a strong girl who protects him when he's picked on. But why does he keep saying she 'saved him'?

- Natsu to Otome to Kedamono to (Summer & Virgin Girl & Beast)
Year 2, E-class is known as the 'Ero-class' and always in the center of the class is Maki Shuugo, the popular guy.
Ishizaki is very different from them - a "stiffy" - but somehow she gets roped into going on a summer trip to the beach....

- Sounan Candy (Disaster Candy)
Haraguchi Iori meets the cute Ikewaki Yuuto while waiting in line for a bus pass. After an accident as a child, he always carries candy with him. They meet again in a bus, but what is his secret?


Other Facts

PublishedJun 26, 2007
Last UpdatedJuly 22, 2017
Other namesAi Rabyu, 花ざかりで恋してる, I love You, Sweet de Ikasete, Natsu to Otome to Kedamono to, Summer & Virgin Girl & Beast, Sounan Candy