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Happy Yarou Wedding♡

7 chapters | Completed | Rank 7892
This story features a college student, that everyone describes as 'cold,' being hired to look after a professor's cute 5-year old son, which leads to looking after the father, which leads to falling in love, but the professor's brother doesn't approve and is willing to do anything to split them up. Features the introduction of Chiharu and Kazuki.



Other Facts

PublishedJul 2001
SerializationHanaoto (Houbunsha)
Last UpdatedJuly 22, 2017
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesハッピーヤローウエディング♡


Chapter 6.5June 14, 2017
Chapter 6June 14, 2017
Chapter 5June 14, 2017
Chapter 4June 14, 2017
Chapter 3June 14, 2017
Chapter 2June 14, 2017
Chapter 1June 14, 2017