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Haru Koi

4 chapters | Completed | Rank 9459
A collection of one-shots by Suetsugu Yuki.

Haru Koi:
Non-chan, a day-care worker, and Ryouko-san, an old married woman, are good friends despite their 25 year age difference. One day, Non-chan tells Ryouko-san that she may have a new love interest. Overjoyed, Ryouko-san helps Non-chan try to get closer to the guy, but...??

Yubiwa no Kataomoi:
Ayuko works as a wedding coordinator at a fancy hotel. Unmarried still at the age of 30 herself, she often overhears her younger co-workers snicker that her job is ironic. She didn't used to mind this until she began to fear that her once-divorced boyfriend might not to be taking their relationship seriously...

Bisai Shokudou:
Misa moved to Tokyo to work in anything but the restaurant business b/c it reminded her too much of her own home growing up. Despite her best efforts, though, she finds herself pulled back in...

Nanatsu no Yakusoku:
Nana is a young girl who lives with her single mom, a translator. Although she is quite small, she tries very hard to be well-behaved and useful, but sometimes the results are not as expected...


Other Facts

Last UpdatedJuly 23, 2017
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesSpring Love, Harukoi, ハルコイ, Yubiwa no Kataomoi, Yubiwa no Kata Omoi, Bisai Shokudou, Nanatsu no Yakusoku