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Kentaro Yabuki

Kentaro Yabuki

Birth Date : February 4, 1980
Birth Place : Kochi, Shikoku, Japan
Blood Type: O
Gender : Male
Name: 矢吹健太朗
Zodiac : Aquarius
His mentor is Death Note and Hikaru no Go illustrator Obata Takeshi

Yabuki is best known for the series Black Cat which ran 20 volumes and recently finished publishing in the U.S. He is also notable as the artist and collaborator on the series To Love-Ru alongside former assistant Hasemi Saki

In the last chapter of Black Cat, Kentaro Yabuki stated that "This is more like the end of part one". and says "If the opportunity present itself, I may begin writing up Black Cat part 2".

Uchimizu Tooru was once his assistant.


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