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Kowo Kazuma

Kowo Kazuma

Birthday: Feb 19,
Family name: かずま
Given name: こを
Twitter: https://twitter.com/kowo_k
Website: http://www.tarhs.com/kazma/
Zodiac: Aquarius 
Blood Type: O 
Gender: Female

Born "19 February 198x" according to the creator's about section on their website. 

Her very first manga completed was Junsui Adolescence. 

It was tough for her to draw this manga because she had always drawn guys before. 

She needs to have music when working:
- Kirinji 
- Suga Shikao 
- Spitz 
- The pillows 
- Sunechair 
- Clammeon 
- chara 
- Air 
- etc. 
Her weakness: profiles and full-body drawings.