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Namae wa Mada Nai

10 chapters | Completed | Rank 6670
A collection of oneshots as well as the main story "As Yet I Have No Name" and its sequel "Recalculation."

1. Three-Second Rule
2. Sitting Behind the Girl I Love
3. Love Me Softly
4. Erasing Love and Wishes
5-7. As Yet I Have No Name
8. Recalculation
9. Prologue - Hidden Name (also in Pure Water Adolescence)
10. Interim Solution

Other Facts

PublishedOct 18, 2009 to Mar 18, 2013
SerializationComic Yuri Hime
Last UpdatedNovember 8, 2017
Other names名前はまだない, Three-Second Rule, Sitting Behind the Girl I Love, Love Me Softly, Erasing Love and Wishes, As Yet I Have No Name, Recalculation, Prologue - Hidden Name, Interim Solution