In-Wan Yoon
    In-Wan Yoon
    Alternate names: 尹 仁完, Youn In-wan, Yun Inwan
    Birth Place: Republic of Korea
    Birthday: Mar 26, 1970
    Family name: 윤
    Given name: 인완

    Zodiac: Leo

    Blood Type: O

    Gender: Male

    Youn In-wan is a South Korean manhwa writer. In Japan, he is known for his work of Blade of the Phantom Master. His previous work was on the manhwa Island (아일랜드) together with illustrator Yang Kyung-il. After the publication of the seventh and last volume of Island, he wrote a novel "The Island" in which he described the past of the characters in his manhwa. His debut was in the Korean weekly magazine Deja Vu (데자뷰).

    To those that have read his work he is well known for weird comments at the end of every chapter, in Blade of the Phantom Master referred to as Classics. In omakes he is represented as being a lean bespectacled character. He is loud mouth, and brash, and often is shown leading his quiet illustrator, Yang, around.

    After the success of their one shot "Akuma Bengoshi Kukabara" (悪魔弁護士Kukabara?, lit. "Devil Advocate Kukabara"), they have begun to work on Defense Devilfor the weekly manga magazine Shonen Sunday.


    1999 Grand Prize of Exported Korean Comics Awards 《Island》

    2004 The South Korean Minister of Culture’s This year’s our Manhwa Award 《Deja vu》

    2006 SICAF(Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival) Excellent Project Awards 《Deja vu》

    He is connected with Youn Story Lab (Ylab) Comany