Maki Murakami
    Maki Murakami
    Alternate names: ギャングスター吉雄, CROCODILE-Ave, GANGSTAR Yoshio
    Birthday: May 24,
    Family name: 村上
    Given name: 真紀
    Gender: Female
    Zodiac: Gemini
    Blood Type: A
    Doujin circle: Crocodile-Ave (クロコダイル・アベニュー)

    Maki Murakami made her manga debut in the 1995 April issue of Kimi to Boku. Her work was entitled "Narcissist no Higeki", roughly translated as "The Tragedy of a Narcissist".

    After a year, Maki Murakami began to publish a series, Gravitation, in Kimi to Boku. The manga was really loved by the public, but it abruptly ended with the closing of the magazine in 2000. By great demand from the fans, the manga was published solo, and in 2002 Gentosha picked it up. A sequel to the original 12-volume story began publishing in 2007 in webcomic form in the online magazine Genzo (Gentosha), and is called Gravitation EX.
    Gravitation brought her her widest audience. Aside from the Gravitation manga, Maki Murakami is also the artist for all of the Gravitation Remixes, a doujinshi series that follows the "further" relationship between Yuki and Shuichi.

    Her doujinshi circle publishes various doujin especially for her series Gravitation. Gravitation was so successful it has its own anime series, which consists of 13 episodes (2001), and an OVA (1999).