Takeshi Nogami
    Takeshi Nogami
    Alternate names: Firstspear
    Birthday: Unknown
    Family name: 野上
    Given name: 武志
    Website: http://www.firstspear.com/
    pixiv: http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=55902
    Doujin circle: Firstspear

    Recently known for his work in Strike Witches doujinshi (Witches in Africa).

    Nogami started his professional mangaka career with Koutetsu no Shoujo-tachi (a.k.a Panzerfraulein) published by Kadokawa Shoten, which due to various circumstances, was cancelled by the publisher after volume 4.

    Now, his activities include Sailor Fuku to Jyuusensha, a comic about tank-riding high school girls published by Akita Shoten; Tsuki no Umi no Rua, a comic inspired by Kaguya-hime tales in a World War II setting, from Shonen Gahosha; and the comic for Moeyo Sensha Gakkou!!, a semi-educational book about tanks from Ikaros Publishing.

    As visible in his portfolio, he seems to be inclined towards military-themed stories.


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