Associated Names: メビウス, Jean Henri Gaston Giraud
Birth Place: Nogent-sur-Marne, Paris, France
Birthday: May 8, 1938
Date of death: Mar 10, 2012
Zodiac: Taurus
Gender: Male
Real name: Jean Giraud.

The Moebius pseudonym, which Giraud came to use for his science fiction and fantasy work, was born in 1963. In a satire magazine called Hara-Kiri, Moebius did 21 strips in 1963–64 and then disappeared for almost a decade. In 1975, Métal Hurlant (a magazine which he co-created) brought it back and in 1981 he started his famous L'Incal series in collaboration with Alejandro Jodorowsky. Moebius' famous serial The Airtight Garage and his groundbreaking Arzach (which Hayao Miyazaki pointed to as his influence for Nausicaä) also began in Métal Hurlant.
Moebius has contributed storyboards and concept designs to numerous science fiction films and a bit of fantasy: Alien, The Time Masters, Tron, Masters of the Universe, Willow, The Abyss, Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland, etc. In 1988 Moebius worked on the American comic character The Silver Surfer with Stan Lee for a special two-part limited series. Giraud is also known to be a friend of filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki. From December 2004 to March 2005, the two of them shared an exhibition at La Monnaie in Paris which showcased work by both artists. He even named his daughter Nausicaä from Miyazaki's Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind.


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