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Birth Place: Korea
Birthday: Jan 29, 1973
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BoichiFanPage
Family name: 武直
Given name: 朴
Twitter: https://twitter.com/boichicom
Website: https://boichi.com/
Current residence: Tokyo, Japan

Intended to be a manga artist from his childhood days, majored in physics in college as preparation to draw science fiction works, and also in order to learn the technology of performance imaging, he went on to graduate school to major image technology.

Debuted in 1993, while still enrolled, in a manga magazine with shoujo manga.

In 2004, he has stepped into the world of Japanese manga. His "Ultimate Space Emperor Caesar", serialized monthly in "Comic Gum", was his first tankoboun in Japan. Currently he is serializing "Sun-Ken Rock" in "Young King". 
In 2006, he released two complete science fiction works; "Hotel" and "Present" in the magazine "Morning", and plans to begin his first weekly serial from 2008.

His hobbies are cameras and cuisine.


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