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Yuna Kagesaki

Yuna Kagesaki

Alternate names: Kagesaki Yuuna, 影崎 夕那, Kageyama Yuta, 影山 由多, Kagezaki Yuna, 影崎 由那, Tsubuan Doumei, つぶあん同盟, Saikyou Blazer, 埼京ブレザー
Birthday: Mar 3, 1973
Blood type: A
Circles: Tsubuan Doumei (つぶあん同盟), Saikyou Blazer (埼京ブレザー)
Family name: 影崎
Gender: Female
Given name: 由那
Pseudonyms: KAGEYAMA Yuta (影山由多), KAGESAKI Yuna (影崎友那) and KAGESAKI Yuuna (影崎夕那).
Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/kagesakiyuna
Website: http://home.cilas.net/~kagesaki/garakuta/
Zodiac: Pisces
Kagesaki-sensei's career began in game illustration during the 90s, but she shifted to manga not long afterwards. Kagesaki-sensei first made a name in the world of adult manga, but soon shifted to books geared towards younger readers, of which Karin is the best known.

(Note: The "Yuna Kagesaki" name she uses for her Shounen manga uses different kanji from her Hentai ones)


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