Nase Yamato
    Nase Yamato
    Birth Place: Tokyo, Japan
    Birthday: Aug 16,
    Family name: 大和
    Given name: 名瀬
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    Gender: Female
    Blood type: AB
    Zodiac: Leo
    Residence: Tokyo, Japan
    Circle: Shounen Bunka (Boys' Culture)
    Likes: Coffee, sweets, rich foods, horror movies
    Hates: Shallots (it's a type of onion)
    Hobbies: Sky-Diving
    Cannot live without cigarettes, coffee, and her headband. Has two dogs, two parakeets, one finch and two turtles.

    She debuted as a mainstream shojo manga-ka. Her first published work ever was "Ren'ai Boom". She soon decided to write BL instead.


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