Aya Nakahara
    Aya Nakahara
    Birth Place: Osaka, Japan
    Birthday: Jul 28, 1973
    Family name: 中原
    Given name: アヤ
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/dame_aya
    Website: http://nafc.blog52.fc2.com/
    Blood Type: A
    Zodiac: Leo
    Gender: Female

    She loves to read manga.
    中原アヤ is how you spell her name in Japanese.
    Worked in a restaurant kitchen before she became a manga-ka.
    Hates all raw foods, excluding raw eggs.
    Loves egg rice.
    Always loved stand-up comedy and used to listen to tapes of comedy acts, especially Downtown, on her way to and from school every day.
    The only time she has any energy is when she goes to concerts. Loves bands like Tamio Okuda, Bump of Chicken, and Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra. [mangaka's notes Volume 3 of Love Com.] 

    Aya Nakahara won the 2003 Shogakukan manga award for her breakthrough hit Love★Com which was made into a major motion picture and a PS2 game in 2006. She debuted with Haru to Kuuki Nichiyo-bi in 1995, and her other works include HANADA and Himitsu Kichi.