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Seishun no Tamago

6 chapters | Completed | Rank 15809
Collection of short stories:

• Spring Egg
Chika’s house was actually just an old lodging house, but due to the location, her parents decided to turn it into a student dorm for the college students. One day, she meets her first love, Fujimori Tomohiro, a college student who will be living at her house! But, Chika’s mother had made him signed an agreement that he can’t go after Chika-chan?! How would their love bloom?!
Misaki likes Kenji but she doesn't have the courage to confess. Now that summer break is close, she plans to give him a love letter, but...

• Happiness Faces South!
Sakura used to like her sensei, but now that he has a girlfriend she decides not lo like anyone else. Bon, a college student sees her playing softball and falls for her. Will Sakura be able to fall for him too??

• Prince and I
Mari has always liked her next-door neighbord Kaoru, but he always treats her like an old gag. Then Mari's sempai confesses to her. What will Kaoru do?

• 2 Block Honey
Satoshi's girlfriend used to be a crybaby, short and cute. That was a year ago! Now she's taller than him and likes to wear high heels. How does Satoshi feel?


Other Facts

Last UpdatedJuly 23, 2017
Other namesSpring's Egg, 青春のたまご, Sunflower Girl, Happiness Faces South!, Prince and I, 2 Block Honey, Spring, Air, Sunday