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Aki Yoshino

Aki Yoshino

Birth Place: Osaka, Japan
Birthday: Sep 30
Family name: 吉野
Given name: 阿貴
Gender: Female
Blood Type: A 
Zodiac: Libra

Aki Yoshino made her professional debut with her work, Natsu Matsuri in the October issue of Monthly Flowers in 2003. 

She also won the 22nd Silky Manga Taishou in the same year with her one-shot, Happiness Ron (literally The Theory of Happiness) and was published in the April issue of Silky in the same year of her debut in Monthly Flowers.

Her second work in Silky was a one-shot titled 'Boku no Mae de ha Waratte'te' published in the April 2009 issue.

Her latest contribution was a one-shot for Aka-chan to Boku Tribute manga anthology.