Mi-Kyung Yoon
    Mi-Kyung Yoon
    Alternative names: Yun, Mi-Kyung; MiKyung; Mi Kyung
    Birthday: Oct 14, 1980
    Family name: 윤
    Gender : Female
    Website: http://cafe.daum.net/winkalryd
    Majored in Animation at Mokwon University.
    Received the Silver Medal for Seoul Media Group's "Shin-in-gong-mo-jeon" ("New Artist Debut Competition") for Na-eu Ji-gu Bang-moon-gi (The Journey of My Earth Visit) in 2003.
    Received a "Shin-in-sang" ("Best New Artist") award from the Dokja-manhwa-daesang organization for Railroad in 2004.
    Currently publishing Bride of the Water God serially in the Korean comics magazine Wink.


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