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14 chapters | Completed | Rank 15786
A childhood dream has led Ha Min to work as a conductor for Pidgeon-ho, a slow-train in a backwater country. But the life of the slow-train is unexpectedly ending and Ha Min must transfer to another train in the city. People in the new railroad are different and he soon realizes that there are some things in the slow-train to be missed. On a closer look though, Ha Min discovers that not all is bad, and maybe his dream is nearer than he thinks...

The train is carrying people’s dreams of leaving. Being the conductor of the Galaxy Railway 999 was Hamin’s dream. When he made it, he received the first speed of 70km per hour local train. There, There they go slow as the slow speed time to train people is to appreciate. Hamin finally gets to move up with new colleagues that have weird personalities like the horror mania conductor, Young-Ji Jo and even the food mania, Jo Seung-woo.


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Last UpdatedJune 5, 2017
Other names레일로드