Makoto Kobayashi
    Makoto Kobayashi
    Birthday: May 13, 1958
    Family name: 小林
    Given name: まこと
    Makoto Kobayashi (born May 13, 1958) is a manga artist that is best known for his unusual drawing style. His earliest work is Grapple Three Brothers, which won the Shounen magazine New manga artist award. He has twice won the Kodansha Manga Award, for Sanshiro of 1, 2 in 1981 and What's Michael? in 1986.

    One of his most well known manga is What's Michael?, a manga about a curious orange cat and his many adventures.

    Note: Not to be mistaken with another Kobayashi Makoto 小林誠 (イラストレーター) who is is an illustrator, mechanical designer, modeller and anime director.


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