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Robot is an all-color manga compilation compiled and edited by the elite manga artist Range Murata, character designer for Studio Gonzo's Last Exile and Blue Submarine No. 6. Murata's hand-picked contributors come together in a mind blowing experiment of what happens when top manga artists work in the unusual medium of color.

Other Facts

PublishedOct 21, 2004 to Feb 7, 2008
Last UpdatedDecember 25, 2018
Other namesStraw, 村田蓮爾責任編集 「robot」, Unidentified Cycling Object, Super Color Comic: Robots 1: Works in Progress, Angels, Dragon Fly, Sedouka, Clash! Revenge of Hunk Kung Fu vs. Ugly Kung Fu!, Ebony & Ivory, Find a Groom!, Oputon, Picnic, Carogna