Akemi Kageyasu
    Akemi Kageyasu
    Formerly a student of Kunitoshi, Kageyasu now attends Ryoubu University. She is an extremely skilled fighter, able to fend off Takatori's attacks with little effort. At one point she trained with Kunitoshi under the identity "Joan the Shadow" in hopes that he would regain enough of his former strength to defeat her boyfriend, Daiki Karasumaru. Aside form hand-to-hand combat, Kageyasu is also very proficient with truncheons ("Jutte").

    In battle, she is rarely seen without her Jutte weapons, however it is rare to see her carry them outside of battle. In chapter 59, she was also seen to be carrying spare-parts to her Sanjutte.

    Kageyasu is an attractive woman with a muscular yet lean and curvaceous build. She usually wears outfits that allows her to show her very defined and well-toned abs.

    Kageyasu's appearance has changed since the beginning of the series as she no longer wears lipstick and appears much younger looking since she broke up with Daiki. 


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