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Kanato Sakamaki

Kanato Sakamaki

Age: 17
Birthday: March 21
Blood type: O
Favorite food: Anything Sweet
Height: 165 cm
Mother: Cordelia
Race: Vampire
School grade: 2nd year
Star sign: Aries
Weight: 56 kg

The 4th child in the family and the middle child of the triplet of the fraternal twins (the others being Ayato and Raito). He is modeled after the yandere archetype and very mercurial. Kanato seems mentally unstable, kind of child-like as he can burst into tears and screaming whenever he can't get what he wants and then suddenly turning back to normal, often telling you it was all an act and that you're stupid for believing him.

He speaks politely but is abusive and clingy.


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