Gama Kurogane
    Gama Kurogane

    Age: 15-16
    Clan: Kurogane
    Martial arts school: Ogame school
    Relatives: Kurogane Jinsuke [father]


    The son of Kurogane Jinsuke and fellow student of the Ogame school of martial arts, Gama shows incredible talent and skill as he easily dispatches the two mercenaries, the Hyouga brothers, who were hired by Naoshi to test Gama's skill. Gama is shown to have a very competitive personality as he agrees to join the Haunt of Demons under Naoshi in order to meet his father and defeat him. Gama displays his raw talent throughout the series as he constantly develops and evolves from his fights, enabling him to defeat opponents more experienced than him. He has also strong sense of justice as he wouldn't slay an opponent who is unable to fight or is unarmed.


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