Seiichi Takano
    Seiichi Takano
    Takano Seiichi 41 year old man, he is the boss of a sucessful interior desing company also hotaru's boss and current landlord.
    At first he is married but due the fact that he was having some troubles in his marriage he decides to leave his house that way he and his wife could have some time to think, even though it looks like he loves his wife very much it's later revealed that he is actually having a divorce. 
    His father is the owner of the house that hotaru is currently living in, even though he wanted to kick her out he couldn't so that's how they end up living together.

    All the women at the office thinks of him as sexy, a person with a good sense of style and flawless boss, hotaru thinks of him as a strict and cleaning freak but at the same time she respects him because although the most part of the time he is mean and makes fun of hotaru calling her names like dried up fish, he is good, kind, hard working and he supports her relationship by giving her advice when she needs one.

    He dislikes hotaru's disorganaized and messy personality but he likes and admires all of her efforts to improve as a person and on her relationship. He himself said that he doesn't think of hotaru as a woman.


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