Len Tsukimori
    Len Tsukimori

    First Name: Len 
    Last Name: Tsukimori
    Japanese Way: Tsukimori Len
    Name (in Kanji): 月森蓮
    Birthday: April 24
    Horoscope: Taurus
    Height: 178cm (5 feet, 10 inches)
    Blood Type: A
    Family: Mother, Father, Paternal Grandmother, and Maternal Grandfather
    School: Seiso Academy
    Grade: Second Year, Music Department, Class A (2-A)
    Instrument: Violin
    Seiyuu/Voice Actor: Kishou Taniyama


    First Anime Appearance: Episode 1
    First Manga Appearance: Volume 1, Chapter 1

    • Almost everybody in his family is involved with music.
    • His best subject is English. Athough apparently he's not bad in German either.

    Len is a surly, quiet and rather cold violinist who normally behaves contemptuously toward and around everyone. He was a child prodigy, coming from a family of renowned musicians. His mother, Misa Hamai, is a very famous pianist and his father is a well-known violinist. Because of this, many people take his brilliance for granted. He seems very cold towards those that he comes into contact with, even his admirers, to whom he rarely pays any attention.
    Before he met Kahoko he didn't believe music was enjoyable, though after spending time with her, Len slowly began to enjoy music and his music changes because of her. He slowly warms up to Hino and even gives her advice on how to hold and stand properly with the violin. People think that he acts harshly towards Hino, but deep down in his heart he is really concerned about her (though he may not show it). As the series progresses, he realizes his feelings for her. He's slowly affected by Hino and his mother says that he has changed his character. His mother knows that Hino is the one that affected him or changed his personality. He can also play the piano as well, which may be due to the influence of his famous pianist mother, Misa Hamai. 


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