Ranta is the Dread Knight of Haruhiro's party.

    According to the rest of the party members, including Haruhiro, Ranta is a self-boasting, loud and rude member who is seemingly oblivious to his own behavior. He has no quints in making crude comments towards the girls and yet seemingly not making any serious advances.

    It is later revealed that Ranta is fully aware of his actions and purposely made himself hated, so that the rest of the party have something common to united against.

    Ranta is somewhat scrawny, but appears to posses a wiry strength as a Dark Knight. He has unruly deep red-auburn hair, red/brown eyes, and a near permanent smirk or sneer on his face.

    Ranta serves as an second tank to the party. Being lightly armoured, the Dread Knight make use of the terrain and the reach of his own weapon to position himself out of the enemies striking range while using sword-skills to strike back.


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