Susumu Yamazaki
    Susumu Yamazaki

    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Dark Brown
    Height: Medium
    Family: Yamazaki Ayumu (sister)
    Department in Shinsengumi: Intelligence
    Position in Shinsengumi: Supervisor and Shinobi
    Quotable Quotes: 'You're a halfwit'
    'These escape wounds are dishonourable'


    Yamazaki Susumu is held in high regard by the high-ranking members of the Shinsengumi, especially Hijikata. Obviously as you can figure out, Susumu is a shinobi and the type that gathers information both night and day. Like a typical ninja, he leaps from roof to roof silently, but during the day he dons kimonos and powders his face,transforming himself into a beautiful lady (known as 'Osei') so as to collect info for the Shinsengumi. Like most shinobis Susumu has a cold, indifferent attitude to those around him, particualry his peers and people he considers weak (such as Tetsu). Susumu is rarely seen losing his temper but with Tetsu he was the first to do that.


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