Jang-Gun (Roto)

    Hangul: 장군
    Age: 16
    Class: Sorcerer (Wizard)
    Sub-class: Swordsman
    Occupation: High School Junior

    Roto (his identity in the game, and what he is most commonly called) is a master level sorcerer (later wizard). Along with Boromid and Ah-Dol, he is one of the members of Team Triple Threat. He is considered one of the most powerful players in the game, logging over 6000 hours, the most since last beta.

    Jang-Gun is very short for his age, but is still considered attractive, and is popular with girls (although he hardly notices them, usually thinking about game strategy). He's a bit of a jerk, exploiting others to his own advantage and hitting Yureka when she irritates him.

    Although he is crazy for the game, he still manages to maintain an A-plus average in school and put up with his chain-smoker mother and chatroom-obsessed sister, Rose (Chang-Mi). When his Lost Saga ID card expires and he goes to renew it, he accidentally picks up a hacked one with the name Yureka on it- when he accidentally logs on with it, Yureka is created.

    Roto mostly focuses on fire magic & fire-based summons (i.e. Efreeti), but he can use other elemental-based magic if need be. Along with the large repertoire of spells he has at his disposal he is a semi-skilled swordsmaster, supposedly shoring up many of the sorcerer class' weaknesses. It is also to be noted that he has a large knowledge of obscure magical facts, like how magic that's bounced off one force field will penetrate another, no matter how strong.


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