Koi no Kami-sama

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      A collection of one-shots publlished between 2007-2008 published on various magazines and the Nisekoi pilot chapter:

      1. Island (2007, Akamaru Jump)
      For the last 400 years, an island has been completely surrounded by walls, isolated from the rest of the world. Aira and Marue have always dreamed of voyaging outside the walls, where lies a devastating truth unbeknownst to them.

      2. Koi no Kami-sama (2007, Weekly Shonen Jump)
      Tsuchibe Taichi, a boy who loves shoujo manga and believes in love above all else, ironically has the worst luck in love. His latest attempt in love is at the new transfer student, but a strange otherworldly force seems to be repelling him from her.

      3. Williams (2007, Weekly Shonen Jump)
      William is a young boy who idolizes Aradoff, a character from a popular novel which told Aradoff's adventures, and always dreams of having a grand adventure on his own. William's meeting with the novel author finally puts him on an adventure to prove that the novel is not merely a fiction.

      4. Personant (2008, Jump SQ)
      In the year 3333, everyone wears personants, technologically advanced masks, to maintain equality and peace, because they eliminate the "differences" in people that lead to discrimination and conflict. It has been 100 years since the government implemented this "personant system," so society has adapted. Yet one man exists as the only one in the world without a personant: the wanted criminal Damore!

      5. Apple (2008, Young Magazine)
      The main character (the blond ponytailed guy - yeah, guy) is Aramiya Satoshi, whose main ability is shape-shifting into any animal... though at some point he has plants growing out of him, so he is able shape-shift into any living thing. I'm not sure if he was naturally born that way or if he was a biological experiment. Anyway, he's a pretty easy-going guy who just wants to be left alone to enjoy his solitary life in the middle of a junkyard, but apparently some army or another is always after him because of his ability. Luckily, he is able to fight off entire tank battalions before breakfast.

      6. Nisekoi (pilot chapter - 2011, Jump Next!)






      Original Publisher Shueisha
      SerializationShuukan Shounen Jump
      Last UpdatedJune 3, 2018
      Other namesアップル (KOMI Naoshi), ウィリアムス, ペルソナント, الجزيرة, بيرسونانت, تفاحة, ويلليامس, 恋の神様 古味直志短編集, 苹果, Apple (KOMI Naoshi), God of Love (Sukimasuki), Island (KOMI Naoshi), Koi no Kamisama, Nisekoi & autres histoires sentimentales (French), Personant, Williams
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        Chapter 4: PersonantJun 3, 2018more_horiz
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            Chapter 2: Koi No KamisamaJun 3, 2018more_horiz
              Chapter 1: IslandsDec 20, 2017more_horiz