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Ayane Oujou-sama wa Sanova B**ch ni Araserareru

18 chapters | Completed | Rank 2339
To become more independent, Lady Ayane of the elite Sanova family has decided to attend university. Her father, however, is worried that university life and lecherous boys will turn her into a b*tch (sleeping with a bunch of guys). So he has their butler, Shinobayashi, follow her when she goes out!

Diligent Shinobayashi follows along, but what he witnesses isn’t Ayane being surrounded by guys -- instead, she’s enjoying time by herself! Bowling, going to cat cafes and the pool, Ayane is always blissfully by herself. This is the hilarious story of a young lady’s life not as a b*tch, but a bocchi (loner)!

Other Facts

SerializationGangan Online (Square Enix)
Last UpdatedFebruary 6, 2018
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesAyane Ojou-sama wa Sanova **cchi ni Araserareru, Lady Ayane is a Sanova B**chi, 彩音お嬢様はサノバ○ッチにあらせられる