Laid-Back Camp

    Ongoing | 39 chapters
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      Rin is a girl from the small village of Nanbu that has more than a few survival skills and one day, while camping at the base of Mt Fuji, meets Nadeshiko, a bubbly and carefree city girl who came to see Mt. Fuji on her bicycle all the way from Yamanashi.

      Nadeshiko is stranded and with no way to contact her family, and in this setting, Rin offers to share with her a dinner of cup ramen in her peaceful camp; they exchange phone numbers and a new friendship, together with many adventures follow as these two go hiking, camping and explore the great wilderness!






      SerializationManga Time Kirara Forward
      Original PublisherHoubunsha
      English PublisherYen Press
      Last UpdatedJuly 24, 2019
      Other namesYurucamp, Yurukyan, Yurukyan △, Yuru Kyan △, Yuru Kyan, Yuru Camp, 摇曳露营, ゆるキャン△
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      Vol.6 Side Stories: Room CampJul 24, 2019more_horiz
        Vol.6 Chapter 34: Gather Round the StoveJul 24, 2019more_horiz
          Vol.6 Chapter 33: Winter at Oomana MisakiJul 24, 2019more_horiz
            Vol.6 Chapter 32: Snow Country Hot Pot and Lake YamanakaJul 24, 2019more_horiz
              Vol.6 Chapter 31: Caribou-kun and the Camp ChairsJul 24, 2019more_horiz
                Vol.6 Chapter 30: The Lamp and the Heat PacksJul 24, 2019more_horiz
                  Vol.6 Chapter 29: What Will You Buy with the Money from Your Job?Jul 24, 2019more_horiz
                    Vol.5 Side Stories: Room CampJul 24, 2019more_horiz
                      Vol.5 Chapter 28: Thinking It Over AgainJul 24, 2019more_horiz
                        Vol.5 Chapter 27: The Ocean, the Lake, and Some Lucky CampingJul 24, 2019more_horiz
                          Vol.5 Chapter 26: The Beginning of the YearJul 24, 2019more_horiz
                            Vol.5 Chapter 25: Solo-Camping Girl on New Year's EveJul 24, 2019more_horiz
                              Vol.5 Chapter 24: December Work and Everyone's Day OffJul 24, 2019more_horiz
                                Vol.4 Side Stories: Room CampMay 10, 2019more_horiz
                                  Vol.4 Chapter 23: 12/25May 10, 2019more_horiz
                                    Vol.4 Chapter 22: A Special MealMay 10, 2019more_horiz
                                      Vol.4 Chapter 21: Christmas Camp Begins!!May 10, 2019more_horiz
                                        Vol.4 Chapter 20: The Impatient Camper and the Outdoor SnacksMay 10, 2019more_horiz
                                          Vol.4 Chapter 19: The OEC's Christmas Camp MeetingMay 10, 2019more_horiz
                                            Vol.3 Side Stories: Room CampJul 26, 2018more_horiz
                                              Vol.3 Chapter 18: MountaintopJul 26, 2018more_horiz
                                                Vol.3 Chapter 17: Hayatarou and the Steamy Komagane NightJul 26, 2018more_horiz
                                                  Vol.3 Chapter 16: Nadeshiko-Navi Recommends!Jul 20, 2018more_horiz
                                                    Vol.3 Chapter 15: Catching a Cold and the Solo JourneyMay 8, 2018more_horiz
                                                      Vol.3 Chapter 14: Minobu, Caribou, and Delicious ManjuApr 8, 2018more_horiz
                                                        Vol.2 Chapter 13: Intro to Fashionable Camping Will Be on the TestMar 8, 2018more_horiz
                                                          Vol.2 Chapter 12: Nighttime on the Lake with Fellow CampersMar 4, 2018more_horiz
                                                            Vol.2 Chapter 11: Winter Camping and Lake ShibireFeb 10, 2018more_horiz
                                                              Vol.2 Chapter 10: Meat, Fall Leaves, and the Mysterious LakeDec 31, 2017more_horiz
                                                                Vol.2 Chapter 9: Souvenirs and After-school Yakiniku DiscourseDec 3, 2017more_horiz
                                                                  Vol.2 Chapter 8: Two Different Campsites, One Scenic ViewNov 1, 2017more_horiz
                                                                    Vol.2 Chapter 7: Hot Springs, 'Bocchi, and Mountain CookingSep 28, 2017more_horiz
                                                                      Vol.1 Side Story: Sunday and the Rocking ChairSep 28, 2017more_horiz
                                                                        Vol.1 Chapter 6: Winter Camping and the Mountain CaféSep 28, 2017more_horiz
                                                                          Vol.1 Chapter 5: You Can Only Go Camping Once You've Got Your GearSep 28, 2017more_horiz
                                                                            Vol.1 Chapter 4: Mount Fuji and Camping with StewSep 28, 2017more_horiz
                                                                              Vol.1 Chapter 3: The Solo Campin' Girl at FumotoSep 28, 2017more_horiz
                                                                                Vol.1 Chapter 2: Welcome to the OEC!Sep 28, 2017more_horiz
                                                                                  Vol.1 Chapter 1: Mount Fuji and Cup RamenSep 28, 2017more_horiz