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Kyoushi no Junjou Seito no Yokubou

5 chapters | Ongoing | Rank 12683
Math teacher mamiya nagisa is teased by his horny students at an all boys high school on a daily basis. One day genius high school student, sakura minato, transfers from America. Minato jumps in to save nagisa who is teased by the students, but is told, "i want to sleep with you." When he asks senior teacher tsukioka for advice, he is attacked by him. What will become of nagisa's purity?

Other Facts

SerializationMargaret Channel (Shueisha)
Last UpdatedNovember 2, 2018
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesDie Unschuld des Lehrers, A Student's Lust, A Teacher's Innocence


Chapter 5November 2, 2018
Chapter 4July 5, 2018
Chapter 3October 20, 2017
Chapter 2October 20, 2017
Chapter 1October 20, 2017