Mayu Shinjou
    Mayu Shinjou
    Alternate names: Liliental Shinjou, Mayu Shinjyou, Mayu Shinozaki, Maaru Shinozaki, Maru Toriyama
    Birth Place: Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan
    Birthday: Jan 26, 1973
    Family name: 新條
    Given name: まゆ
    Gender: Female
    Blood Type: O
    Zodiac: Aquarius

    Likes: Ayumi Hamasaki, BUCK-TICK, Glay, Gundam, hot springs, Nirvana, roses, Stone Temple Pilots, Sting, The Matrix, Top Gun, U2
    Hobbies: cars, feng shui, shopping
    Height: about 151 cm

    Was an assistant to: Yoshihara Yuki
    Former assistant: Osakabe Mashin

    Mayu Shinjo is a popular smut-shoujo manga artist. Her works range from sweet and innocent to almost borderline-H. She loves big-chested girls with cute faces and wishes all her manga could feature them. She says that she relies deeply on her assistants, calls herself a trend whore, loves scandalous things, considers herself a foreigner otaku and a Disney maniac, likes to drink, and is in love with video/audio.

    She left Shogakukan in 2007 because of alleged abuse from her editors and now works for Kadokawa and Shueisha.

    She runs a doujinshi circle called "Liliental" and for her doujinshi, she uses the pseudonym, Maru Shinozaki.

    On November 12th 2014, she did an interview saying that she is going to quit writing shoujo and start writing BL, stating that she is a men lover. She mentioned in her Twitter that if she is creating a manga, it will be a BL or stories about male relationship.


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