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Kore ga Koi na Wake ga Nai

3 chapters | Ongoing | Rank 5109
Cold-hearted and diligent Iida Kaoru is deeply hurt when his underclassman rejects him. But along comes Yanagi Yuzuru of the sports club, tall and totally straight, who suddenly tells him, ?It was love at first sight! Please treat me like trash!?. It was such a masochistic and passionate confession. Iida was honestly conflicted over it, but as they?re guys, he decides to meet with him every day to take care of their sexual needs.

*Note: The MC is the senpai from Kore wa Koi ni Fukumaremasu ka

Other Facts

SerializationHanaoto (Houbunsha)
Last UpdatedFebruary 12, 2018
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesこれが恋なワケがない


Chapter 3February 12, 2018
Chapter 2November 1, 2017
Chapter 1November 1, 2017