Boku wa Kimi no Iinari

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      Volume 1:
      "I'm the only one who gets to see you so filthy, when you're usually so serious." Danno realizes he's gay in junior high school and professes his love to his crush, but is deeply hurt by rejection. Still disgusted by himself in his second year of high school, he ends up falling for another guy that spring. He tries to keep from being found out and to stop his feelings developing any further by pushing away the object of his affections, first-year student Tsukasa. One day, Tsukasa finds Danno jerking off in the nurse's office. "Does it turn you on? Being watched by your crush?" Tsukasa's torturing and teasing makes Danno dizzy with pleasure, robbing him of coherent thought! Sweet discipline of a naughty, submissive second-year, who gets broken in by a mean, crafty, and younger straight boy.

      Volume 2:
      This is the long-awaited second series depicting the story between Yuki and Tsukasa, who are now lovers! Their relationship started with Tsukasa finding it amusing how Yuki would do whatever he said. But, Yuki took it all in stride, his open and honest demeanor eventually winning Tsukasa over, and love blossomed between them. Tsukasa has dated many girls, but has he ever loved anyone like this before? Although caught between feelings of jealousy and possessiveness, Tsukasa's passion for Yuki only grows stronger. Yuki, however, feels guilty over his relationship with Tsukasa, despite his happiness about being Tsukasa's lover... The next installment of the intimate and complicated relationship between the cool, once-straight junior who finally finds love and the industrious yet lewd, boy-loving senior starts here!






      SerializationMoment (Shu Cream)
      Last UpdatedNovember 15, 2017
      Other names僕は君のいいなり, 对你唯命是从
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