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Gun Blaze West

28 chapters | Completed | Rank 10058
America, 19th century. Viu Bannes, a young and determined boy gets to know the legend of Gun Blaze West—a perfect place, where only the best gunmen can get. With his friend, the wanderer Marcus Homer, they began training to be able to overcome the difficulties during the planned journey to Gun Blaze West. But soon they have to face the first enemies, and the gang of robbers are just the first step during the long-long journey...


Other Facts

Published Dec 12, 2000 to Jul 31, 2001
SerializationShounen Jump (Weekly)
Last UpdatedJanuary 29, 2018
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesGUN BLAZE WEST, 西漠枪火, ガン ブレイズ ウエスト