Surviving Demon
Surviving Demon

Surviving Demon

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Action, Comedy, School Life, Seinen, Demons, Fantasy, Shounen
Walking home from school one afternoon, Xiao Ling is attacked by a monster for the first time in her entire life. Terrified, Xiao Ling almost gets eaten, if not for a teenage boy that suddenly appears out of nowhere. As a nomad demon hunter, Ma Meng earns his way around by killing monsters causing trouble around the city. Though sometimes, his clumsiness and simple bad luck makes his situation into a penniless boy. With more monsters popping up in around the neighborhood, Xiao Ling's encounters with the strange boy Ma Meng increases. Meanwhile, in another city, an organization of demons prepare for the resurrection of their king. Is Ma Meng the only force left to save the world from an impending doom?
Wolf Wei
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