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Kodomo no Jikan - Houkago

28 chapters | Completed | Rank 7189
This is a collection of various oneshots, 4-komas, and side-stories.
Last one shot contains the bonus epilogue called "Lunch" Which takes place and discusses events seen in the last chapter (Ch.93) of the main story Kodomo no Jikan.

1. Prototype 1
2. Prototype 2
3. Pool no Jikan (Pool Time)
4. Sukumizu no Jikan (School Swimsuit Time)
5. 4-koma no Jikan
6. Yuri no Jikan
7. Mousou no Jikan (Fantasy Time)
8. Cosplay no Jikan (Cosplay Time)
9. Kojika Puchi (Kojika Petit)
10. Tsun no Jikan (Tsun Time)
11. Dere no Jikan (Dere Time)
12. Chuunen no Jikan (Middle-Aged Time)
13. Burabura no Jikan
14. Sentou no Jikan
15. Bishoujo Senshi Saint Rose
16. Seibetsu Gyakuten no Jikan
17. Ichinensei no Jikan
18. Shiro Imouto no Jikan (White Sister Time)
19. Kuroi Imouto no Jikan (Dark Sister Time)
20. Jugyou sankan no Jikan
21. Seifuku no Jikan (Uniform Time)
22. Lunch no Jikan


Other Facts

Last UpdatedNovember 15, 2018
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesKodomo no Jikan: Houkago